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Do you know the real taste of pepper?

We are the first in the Czech Republic to bring you the tastiest pepper in the world – Kampot pepper. Our customers and chefs claim that the taste cannot be compared to anything they have tried so far. Such a simple thing can elevate any dish to a gastronomical experience. Forget about pepper just being spicy! It should be tasty above all.

Our story is long and we do many things in Cambodia, but if you find stories boring and you prefer just top quality ingredients, enjoy Kampot pepper in your own kitchen every day – pair each pepper with different dishes or give them as a present which was grown with love in Cambodia and carefully packed in the Czech Republic.

We are authentic, we love Kampot pepper and we would be happy if you would share your experience with us.

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„Absolut erstaunlicher Pfeffer (besonders roter ). Und eine großartige Herangehensweise an Kunden. Hier, ihre der Wunsch ist, dass alle zufrieden sind.„


„Erstaunlicher Pfeffergeschmack, schöne Verpackung und Design und insgesamt ein großartiges Projekt, das mich begeistert hat!“


„Fairer Handel auf höchstem Niveau. Eine intelligente, schöne und wahre Präsentation von Kambodscha mit Liebe und unglaubliche Sorgfalt. Pepper Field rulezzzz!!!! Danke, danke, danke für deine schöne, duftende und wohltuende Arbeit!“

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